It’s all in the pen!

Experience the classic pen, re-imagined and re-engineered with embedded Anoto Technology that gives you the ability to transfer each subtle and dramatic impression while letting your designs unfold on multiple Anoto Live™ Surface. With the stroke of a pen, you can turn traditionally handwritten information into modern digital data.

As you write, the Anoto Digital Pen’s built-in camera automatically takes digital snapshots of the Anoto Pattern. This allows the Pen’s image microprocessor to determine the exact position of the Pen, so that everything you write or draw is accurately recorded in real time. 

After your writing is captured by the Pen, you can send the digital data in real time via Bluetooth to different devices, such as computers and mobile phones. Or, the data can be stored in the Pen’s memory and synched with your computer via USB at a later time.

When your handwriting is sent to your device, the data can be handled by an application locally or routed to an application server for further processing. Any application receiving the data extracts all information using an Application Programming Interface (API).

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